About Us

We are a team of people committed with this cause having decided to join our professional expertise and socio-environmental sensitivity in order to innovate with the construct and implementation of a sustainable long term project capable of transforming a reality still very far of that we would like to see and experience. We use the internet to bring people together across the world, something necessary to enable an effective large scale response to what we consider to be a complex current challenge whilst at the same time a huge opportunity of growth based on the most modern concepts of corporate businesses, with highly promising perspectives.

The Amazônia Humana project is licensed for use by the company owning the computerized management system platform, carrying out the whole process in strict compliance with Brazilian and international appropriate legislation, therefore working to the advantage of non-governmental, non-profit making organizations of social assistance and defense, preservation and conservation of the environment and promotion of the sustainable development.

We are permanently seeking interested partners in associating their own brands to our initiatives, not only in the sense of enabling the continued expansion of the platform with new technologic resources but also widening the scope of our actions, thereby strengthening the external perception of social and environmental responsibility values that we foster and in which we strongly believe.