The Project

Dreaming the impossible dream…

And to propose action model.

The Project Amazônia Humana was born from a dream. The dream of reflecting a model of preservation of the Amazon forest different from the one that already exists. The dream of including in this model something beyond the fauna and the flora.The dream of enabling the true involvement of people interested in this issue and that are distant from their reality. To shift the underlying logic of exploitation. Reflecting this complex cause, remembering also those Brazilians who survive on a daily basis in a unique, wonderful rich environment. And that don´t have a quality of life matching the importance of the region they live in. To preserve the forest helping people that need a human look. To merge the green of the trees recognized in the whole world with that tan skin tone that equally make part of Amazonia and that are less remembered.And doing this providing income and wealth to whom participates.Step by step, person after person, tree after tree: more than the ultimate solution, distant and difficult, our vision is to create a model. A viable model, an innovative accessible action path to you, today, even if the dream may seem impossible. To preserve the fauna and the flora, helping the people of the region and making this process profitable. All together, we are the Amazônia Humana.

By joining, any person that wants to participate anywhere in the world:

Preserve the forest

Helps to develop people

Monetizes their participation

Environmental Protection and Development Certificate

– accessible to everyone

– Low cost

– Lifelong and negotiable


– Valuation of environmental securities over time.

– Remuneration for the publicizing of the project.

– Possibility of negotiating in the market.


Legal areas.

Possibility of emission of CRA – Environmental Reserve Quotas.

Assessed in loco, in real time, by the people that are in the region and that are supported.



Is commited in showing results in the SAmAHuma Net.

Monitored by the oficial bodies.

Each certificate is associated to indicators in the 3 pillars.

The indicators quantify and qualify the user participation.

The areas and units of preservation connect people that share common interests.

Amazon Blog

Legitimate and qualified forum of discussion the cause.

Amazon Store

Sustainable products that absorb local workforce.

Certificates’ Market

Sale / Purchase of position in securities.

Pillars that support this idea…

To preserve

To us, to preserve involves knowledge, ideas and action. Knowledge of the reality of a peculiar, abundant and rich forest, capable of attracting various interests, ranging from the environmental concern to the profit expectation. Legitimate knowledge of the forest, that corresponds to a first step in daring to propose an innovative model.

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To us, to preserve involves knowledge, ideas and action. Knowledge of the reality of a peculiar, abundant and rich forest, capable of attracting various interests, ranging from the environmental concern to the profit expectation. Legitimate knowledge of the forest, that corresponds to a first step in daring to propose an innovative model. To propose a model that may be able to alter the logic of an exploration with deforestation for use and quick profit making, many times outlawed. A model that may constantly promote the debate and involvement of persons driven by changes, but that may also facilitate the practice of these very changes. Transforming intentions into actions by engaging people. Willingness into achievement. Ideas into better results. To create the possibility of a different future for the forest, from a different acting, today-Make the easy speech “we have to preserve” into the coherent speech “we are preserving”. All of us, together. And doing this in a real, measurable way. In an attractive and instigating environment, driver of the dissemination as well of the personal and collective involvement. This is the essence of the Samahuma Net. A social environmental Net where people connect driven by common interests and interact through the provided tools, transforming intents of acting differently into measurable actions that have direct repercussions in the real world.

From the moment of the acquisition of an Environmental Preservation Certificate it is already possible to interact without limitations in the Samahuma Net. Each Certificate has an equivalence in area in the forestry amazon biome that is preserved from deforestation on the moment of the Certificate´s acquisition. But it´s not about any area. Part of our initial job is to select and incorporate into the Project regions that don’t have deforestation, so that we may preserve them before a degrading exploration. And what´s more: these preserved areas may be allocated to the emission of Environmental Reserve Quotas, an official compensation mechanism of irregular deforestations created by Brazilian Federal Law. Besides, sharing interests about Preservation Units, always located in the Brazilian Amazonia, we have a more active voice. And, thus, we are stronger. We can then combine the preservation with the help to the people who live in the Amazon region. Adding to this a way of profiting the process for all those who actively participate. Is this possible? Yes. It is already possible. Welcome to the Amazônia Humana!


The model we propose values helping people. People that survive on a daily basis in the Amazonia facing basic difficulties, challenged by the very same exuberant nature that dazzles its visitors, nevertheless with the very same essential needs that we ourselves experience.

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To help a fellow human being. Certainly, it was one of the first attitudes of the primitive human being that distinguished him from other animals. Helping in a true way provoques an intimate good feeling, evoques noble values and sheers up the spirit. To exercise our intimate humanity and to do the good. Hard to tell who is the most benefited, if the one that helps or the one who is helped. The model we propose values helping people. People that survive on a daily basis in the Amazonia facing basic difficulties, challenged by the very same exuberant nature that dazzles its visitors, nevertheless with the very same essential needs that we ourselves experience. With their own families, their plans and their hopes. But living in a region that besides beautiful and rich, is as well structurally hostile to human life. Outside of the big urban centers of the region, reality is tough. In backlands, small cities, villages or even riverine communities are standard. Absent or precarious infrastructures, often an imperceptible State presence. Schools that, when present, are sometimes miles away from the attended children. Health posts that don’t even have the minimum and that in the most serious situations simply don’t have what to offer, in places accessible by boat whose travels can last several days. There are the persons we want to reach out to. We are aware of the challenge of reaching these persons, almost forgotten in distant regions where fauna and flora are always the most considered.The way we found to reach this set objective was to establish a net in which we involve whom may help. We connect these people with others, that lead serious initiatives already established in the region and that need an immediate, consistent support.

Part of our job is to identify these initiatives, selecting those who really make the difference. Adding up forces and innovating, taking advantage of the already existing scope in a true way and strengthening this path instead of trying to redo more of the same. To allocate part of the Project´s resources directly to these institutions. Helping them. And monitoring the use of resources, the results obtained, the reach and scope of the changes that were made possible due to our engagement. And what´s more: to promote our own social actions directly, from specific campaigns. Presenting all this in our Samahuma Net, in a clear way and through transparent and clear criteria. Quantifying and qualifying results in an environment with incorporated attractive elements through a kind of a “socioenvironmental game”. Accessible through a platform that coordinates the helping attributes to people with the environmental preservation and the profiting of all of the process involved in the Project. The three pillars. The three principles. Our way of assessing not only which our “environmental footprint” but also the range of our “social embrace”. We can be part of the solution. We can transform the current reality for the better. Together, we can make the difference. If this speaks to you, then welcome to Amazônia Humana!


O modelo que propomos precisa envolver a geração de renda. E por um motivo simples: através da geração de renda nós estamos criando e distribuindo riqueza, necessária ao incremento do bem estar das pessoas.

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The model we propose requires an income generation. And for a very simple reason: through the income generation we are creating and distributing wealth, necessary to the increase of people’s wellbeing. But not only of those people living in the region and that are helped by the Projects actions. Part of these persons is directly remunerated through the absorption of their workforce, whether to develop our socioenvironmental actions or even to benefit from some items commercialized in the Amazonia Store. However, we also think on the valorization and reward of the participants who help and disseminate the Project, in a virtuous circle of sustainable growth with generation of opportunities and income, where financial gains off each participant are proportional to their engagement. A true engagement with a measurable and real impact in the Project results through clearly defined and attainable attributes and levels. We can’t, and we won’t promise, to offer financial gains to all the participants. It is not sustainable. It is not an objective of the Project. Our profitability model lays on work and income generation and, for this reason, any financial result depends on the participant engagement. Gains stem mainly from partnerships and sales of environmental Preservation Certificates, apart from other products of the Amazonia Store, and can be increased from efforts aimed at obtaining dissemination, motivation, efficiency and efficacy of the participant and his network of contacts.

All of it running in our Samahuma Net based on simple principles. Based on the engagement in the Project, individual and collective gains are increased and can become quite attractive. The bigger the engagement with the principles of preserving and helping, the bigger the financial gain on the profiting pillar.
The platform available in our environment is intuitive and friendly user. In the Samahuma Net all actions of the participants are qualified and quantified in a precise and reliable way, presented through graphic elements representative of the individual and collective performance. A strong cooperation qualifies the social environmental results and multiplies financial gains. Challenges between participants insert dynamic and instigating elements in a unique environment, kind of a “socio environmental game” where in the end all interact and gain whether by means of profiting, preserving or helping.
Besides the natural appreciation of Certificates, that may even occur to whom doesn´t get directly engaged with the Net. And all this driven by the principles of preserving and helping. A pillar reverberating in the next. The three main values of the Project strengthened little by little by the participation of motivated people and with common interests, generating and distributing wealth to those who need and to whom has merits. Sounds something distant? Well, it is available to you, now. Welcome to Amazônia Humana.

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All actions and resource allocation are tracked, quantified and qualified in the Samahuma Network environment. It is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, with clear and objective indicators that transform this whole process into a kind of “social and environmental game” associated with social finance concepts applied in practical actions. What’s more, participation is accessible to anyone interested!

From the acquisition of a class A, B or C environmental protection certificate you participate in Samahuma Network with unrestricted user profile. You are now certain that the forest area associated with your certificate is preserved. There are 100 m2 of preserved forest for class C certificate, 1,000m2 for class B and 10,000m2 for class A. In addition, when you get a certificate you select an institution whose initiatives make a difference to people living in the Amazon region. . These actions of preservation and helping people, along with other indicators of engagement, will be quantified and qualified in the Samahuma Network environment in a clear and objective manner.

The higher the participation, the greater the preservation, helping people and the profitability percentage. As a Network participant and certificate holder, you can disclose the Project to your friends and receive cash value on purchases made by people connected with you, based on the percentage of profitability that varies based on your personal engagement and class of your certificate. Earnings start at 7% for the class C certificate and can reach much higher percentages for those who want to engage and increase their level of participation. In addition to the natural appreciation over time and the possibility of offering its certificate in the market, which also represents the possibility of financial gain. All of this is managed and can be clearly and objectively monitored on the Samahuma Network, a platform that connects all parties involved in the project into a dynamic and thought-provoking system that is very easy to use, a kind of “social and environmental game” where the goal is to maximize results in the projects. pillars of preserving, helping and monetizing. Meet our Project and participate! Together we can make the difference.