We dream of a sustainable model of preservation to Amazon:

Where each citizen has the opportunity to contribute!

A new look at the Amazon Forest.

Besides the fauna and flora…

We reflect on this complex cause, thinking also of the people who survive daily in this unique environment…

What happens in the Amazon Forest?

The current context

The current legislation allows that 20% of the native area of amazon forest to be exploited by its owners for a variety of purposes and a big part of the forest already has an owner. An even greater CHALENGE is the great difficulty of control and supervision of the region…

Given this scenario, deforestation in the Amazon grows irresponsibly and largely invisible to the eyes of Brazilians. Yes, conscious people, citizens who understand the impact this will have on the planet have little to do to avert disaster.

Here we believe

That the wealth resides precisely in keeping the “forest standing”. Using the resources that nature offers us through biodiversity in order to increase our knowledge and adding value, preserving. We want to take a step that can make the difference in the construction of an ecological balanced and socially fairer planet.

And this should be done in a sustainable way for all:

For the Amazon, for people who live there and for you.

Solution for deforestation?

Preserve Valuing

Did you like the idea and want to be part?

How is this idea going to work?

1. Register free of charge

Become an Amazon observer. This is just the first step towards making a difference in the Forest history.

2. Acquire an Environmental Protection and Development Certificate


Part of the amount payed will be used to finance the preservation of the forest in its natural state: you know that the area of the forest, individualized and associated to your certificate, won´t be deforested.


Another part will be directed to help local initiatives that contribute to improve the quality of life of the people of the preserved region.


Share this idea and monetize immediately your engagement

Refer your friends and your part will also be guaranteed. Your engagement means higher preservation to the forest, more help to people and more profit to your pocket.

3. Get connected

Connect with people that share the same values as you to interact online in an innovative online game, with social and environmental indicators of the real impact reached by the actions of the Net where the objectives are to preserve, to help and to maximize the entire process.

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